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Catering Services v/s Event Planner - Seven Leisure

If your company requires food to be delivered to its location, then you should consider catering. Any service that can cook, deliver, and serve meals falls into this category. 

Catering is a service that brings food to the client’s location and may also cook and serve it there. Full-service caterers who cook, deliver, set up, and serve at an event are available, as are mobile or industrial caterers.

But for an event planner, it’s a different game.

Isn’t it true that being an event planner is all about throwing the best party ever? 

Without a doubt. However, the job entails more than just venue selection and decor decisions. We’ve got all the details on this demanding but exciting job.

Now you may be wondering what the difference between catering services and an event planner are, right? 

Let’s dive into it!

  • Catering Services

The role of a caterer is quite simple. They have to follow the rules and regulations. In numerous ways, caterers can adjust to the needs of their clients. 

They may alter the menus to accommodate dietary restrictions or provide equipment for hire for special events, such as refrigerators, popcorn poppers, and other items. Caterers are not all the same. 

However, some caterers will do a remarkable job while others will fail you. Well, here are the roles of a caterer:

  • The ability to pay attention to details.
  • The ability to organize the event.
  • The important thing is the ability to communicate with others.
  • The love for food and people.
  • The main role is the ability to handle pressure if there are faults or mistakes.

These positions are packed by the catering company. As a result, knowing whom to look for when looking for the best catering services will be highly useful.  

  • Event Planner

Usually referred to as a meeting or convention planner, is a person who organizes all facets of business gatherings and events. 

They frequently select meeting places, plan transportation, and organize a variety of other things. So, here’s what an event planner will do with these steps:

  • Meet up with clients.
  • Plan the scope of the event: time, location, and cost required.
  • Solicit bids from places and obtain service providers.
  • Work with the client to choose where the event will be held and whom to contact.
  • Inspect places for the safety of the client.
  • Confer with on-site staff to coordinate details.
  • Keep an eye on the event’s activities to make sure the client and attendees are happy.
  • Finally, you need to review the event bills and approve payments.

We at Seven Leisure, being in the catering business for over 16 years in Bahrain, have skilled caterers with experience to help plan and organize any type of event, from office gatherings, contract catering, school catering, and corporate events catering at different venues of your choice, where every need is catered for.

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