Some of the questions that you might have, answered below...

1. Do we provide monthly meal plans?

Yes, we do provide monthly meal plans for companies, schools, and institutions in bulk. Currently, we do not provide monthly meal plans for individuals.

2. Are our meal plans formulated with a nutritionist?

Currently, we follow the directions of our chéfs, since we do not provide diet-based meals.

3. Do we cater food and beverages at weddings?

Yes, we do!

4. Is live cooking an option?

Currently, we do not perform live cooking.

5. Do we provide dishware and cutlery ?

No, we do not provide dishware with our meal service, but we do provide plastic cutlery for the same.

6. How do we transport meals to your location?

Since we are a full-scale catering company with full kitchen operations in Bahrain, providing hundreds of meals a day to companies, schools, and other outlets – we have our own fleet of vehicles that carry out the transport.

7. Do we provide alcoholic beverages?

Currently, we do not provide catering for alcoholic beverages.

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