Restaurant Catering v/s Private Catering

Restaurant Catering v/s Private Catering - Seven Leisure

Organizing an event can be really challenging as a sponge cake that needs to rise inside a tricky oven. There are ample load of things to consider for planning and execution of the event. Nowadays we’ve made it simple and affordable to select the proper sort of catering.

When it comes to considering catering, there are venues to select.

So here are the differences between restaurant catering vs private catering

1. Restaurant catering 

Food delivered by restaurants to a location of your choice. The meal is often prepared and cooked at the restaurant and then transported to your location for us to serve to our clients. Food prepared in a restaurant is usually a sight to witness. You may have a favourite local hangout that you’d like to support and present to your guests as part of your event.

  • Caterers for restaurants:
    • In a short amount of time, duplicate foods from their menu in large quantities.
    • When a restaurant offers event catering, it is common for the business to prepare all of the food on-site. The restaurant usually keeps all of the food on-site and then packs it for shipping. Because few sites offer food, you’ll almost certainly have to pick it up from them.

2. Private catering

Private catering or catering services are full-service businesses that partner up with the event host to create custom menus. Throughout the entire event, caterers and their team members will arrive at your service to prep up, cook, serve and clean up.

  • Caterers for private events:
    • Work with event planners to create custom menus
    • Offer new dimensions
    • Cater for a specific theme

Why do people love catering? this is because it is affordable catering. It barely matters how long the food is being prepared, as long as it is completed. It could mean waiting for a long time but it could also involve working shorter hours.

What we can agree on both sides is that both the cuisines have quality and are prepared fresh by both the chefs in both private catering services and restaurants, but catering services on the one hand prepare their food on-site for your event. They ensure freshness and exceptional quality.

If you’re heading to a restaurant, make an approximate cost estimate and don’t forget to account for the time it will take to get each item.

When you do a true comparison, you may find that hiring professional catering services to handle your weddings, gatherings, parties, or corporate events will save you money, plus you have reached your answer. We at Seven Leisure, provide catering services to help plan and organize any type of event from private events, to corporate events, cafés, office deliveries, etc… at any venue of your choice.

Let us know your opinions and impressions in the comments section below.

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