Memorable events don't just happen. They happen to be our business.

Any event, one name to trust. Be it a wedding or a birthday party, Seven Leisure is the name to trust for vegetarian and non-vegetarian catering services in Bahrain. Apart from dishing out delicacies, Seven Leisure pays diligent attention in terms of food presentation, food counter designs, use of imported cutleries, hygiene practices while cooking, staffing professional chefs and stewards.

We also offer various pre-defined and customized packages to suit your preferences. As a reputed provider of quality catering services, we pride ourselves on customer satisfaction, quality, and innovative catering services.

Seven Leisure serves delicious food for a range of clients and varieties of menus exposing the highest standards of hygiene and quality in the industry. Timely service with a positive and healthy interaction with customers understanding their tastes, desire, and the right expectations is the key to our success.

We will work with you step by step, to ensure that catering for your event is a memorable one. Our commitment to your satisfaction is evident from the moment you call until the last guest leaves the party.

Since our inception in 2007, we have been serving mouth-watering catering delicacies. At a time, when everyone in the catering industry was exploring exotic cuisines, we have not only maintained our profile of serving authentic catering dishes but have also enhanced the quality by bringing in new innovations to it.

Our chefs expertly create culinary delights using the highest quality ingredients that will have your guests remember the affair in the long run. We believe in adopting best practices at all times and continue to maintain our position as the service provider of choice in the catering and hospitality segment in Bahrain.

It's time to make this occasion unforgettable!