Thinking about making meals memorable at your place of work?

Our corporate setting is home to a large number of people who make up the tireless workforce behind the success of every great company. This determined and industrious workforce normally works in different shifts for various reasons.

This means that people are always working at the office through a minimum of one meal of the day, even those who work the late-night shift need at least a snack to sustain themselves for the rest of the night. Catering for corporate is very different when compared to other kinds of catering or cooking.

Usually, catering services and restaurants prepare the food and do all they can to sell more dishes or items from their menu, this plays to people’s preferences over necessities.

At Seven Leisure, we take a great amount of care to ensure that the food is healthy for every customer and that it correlates with the time that it is being served. These timely meals are wholesome and contain the right nutrients to give people the appropriate energy to work through their shift refreshed and without feeling hungry.

We provide all kinds of snacks and juices that employees can enjoy at any time. Employees have a wide range of options to choose from, whether they feel like eating light snacks like chaat or biscuits or even if they want desserts like ice cream at random times. Even tea and coffee are all easily available as part of our workplace catering services in Bahrain.

At any time you can start the arrangement of your office parties to celebrate festivals and success, it will exhilarate your employees for the complete year.

Explain to us, what exactly you have in mind...