Top 5 Must – Try Food Cuisines in the Middle East

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FOOD Food Food. An amazing source of our health. It’s so delicious, exquisite and most of all heavenly. The best part we can even cater the food.

So here are the Top 5 Must-Try Cuisines in the Middle East which will blow your mind!

1. The Middle East 

When entering an Arabic restaurant the vibe is different. The aroma of roasted chicken “Yum”. The smell of the shawarma being roasted…oh so mind-boggling.

Most of you know a favourite of any Arabic cuisine is Shawarma. The wrap is made up of some vegetables, chillies, some French fries, tahini and your favourite meat. Other favourites you can enjoy are

  • Grilled chicken or grilled beef, kebabs (chicken/beef), thin bread, and obviously hummus with a glaze of olive oil or mixed hummus. Majboos is also one of the main dishes which involves rice, full grilled chicken with some crispy fried onions.

2. Indian 

When it comes to Indian food, a large number of meals or dishes are prepared. For example, fish, chicken, and so on. Masala is the primary ingredient in these cuisines. When you add masala to food, it becomes more flavorful, but too much masala might destroy it. There are several dishes to choose from, such as chilli chicken, butter chicken, and chicken tikka masala. Biryani is the name given to the main course. This meal has a variety of masalas. It can be either chicken, mutton, or vegetarian biriyani. When done correctly, the flavour is incredible.

3. Italian 

There is a certain class of presenting food and that goes to the Italian cuisines. It’s just brilliant with absolutely zero effort. Italian dishes have a variety of ingredients like cheese, rice, grains meats, and fish. The Main dishes are Pasta and Pizza which has a mix of cheese, tomato sauce, and meat. These meals can be blended with many types of meat and are both visually appealing and tasty. Adding side dishes will also go well with the food. For example garlic bread, fried chicken wings, tuna salad, or even a greek salad. The finest place to have this cuisine is in the La Taverna Sul Maré.

4. British

A worldwide opted breakfast and an elegant dish is the English breakfast. They have the amazing scrambled egg with baked beans along with some toasted bread on the side with any type of meat be it bacon, beef wellington, chicken with mushrooms, and some mashed potatoes on the side. After that having a cup of tea or coffee or even having a cold juice would be wonderful.

5. Japanese 

One of the growing industries in the region is now Japanese cuisines. The style of cooking is quite remarkable. Let’s say:

  • Sushi, Tofu, Ramen, etc. These foods are cooked in opposite directions yet are linked when combined.
  • One of their main dish in Japan is Sushi since it has a mixture of rice, fish, and a little bit of sauce wrapped in a roll. The Best part is it’s not one type of fish they have different types of fish for each and every ingredient.

Let me know what you think and what your favourite food is in the comments section below.

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